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Realising our responsibility

Our entrepreneurial action has an integral approach: in order to stay competitive we develop innovative products for our customers, and continuously improve our plant and machinery. We employ the same innovations to protect our employees’ health and the environment.
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New high-performance chain

Triathlon HT

Wippermann sets new standards for industrial chains in sensitive production processes for use under high temperatures: coated pins, special coated rollers and in particular the innovative high-tech polymer bushings of the Triathlon HT guarantee outstanding wear resistance – even without relubrication.
Wippermann Triathlon chain HT

Equipment and finger protection

Accumulator chains with AFS clip

Whether production or storage technology: our accumulator chains convey goods simply and safely. Owing to the innovative AFS clip, no material can enter the gap between the conveyor rollers – to protect equipment and people. The AFS clip is suitable for retrofitting.
Wippermann Accumulator chains with AFS clip

Wippermann chains in use

Solar energy is more effective with Biathlon KS

Dust, pollen, and other environmental influences: solar collectors lose a significant part of their efficiency due to soiling. The automatic cleaning system SunBrush ensures that the systems work in a clean and effective way – with our wear resistant Biathlon KS chain.

Wear protection

Biathlon chains for special requirements

A special coating of the chain pins makes our Biathlon chains extremely resistant to abrasive and adhesive wear. Therefore this high-performance chain is your first choice in case of particularly hard demands, e.g. if no optimal maintenance is possible.
Wippermann Biathlon chain

Distribution partners wanted

For the expansion of our distribution network we are looking for international partners that can competently consult our customers with regard to application issues and provide professional support and technical assistance.  


Together with our reliable trading partners, Wippermann Trading supplies high-quality industrial chains that are favourably priced and can be delivered on short call.

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We have been successfully producing bicycle chains, chain locks, and accessories for the bike market under our brand name Connex.

Connex website
Connex online shop

Customized Wippermann leaf chains allow for an optimal performance of the gripper mechanics. 
Precision is important with test benches. Marathon chains guarantee the highest reliability and genuine results even under extreme conditions. 
Pusher dogs allow for a smooth transport of piece goods. Customer-specific solutions are also available. 
We supply sprockets for double pitch roller chains in a standard or in a double-toothed design. 
The lower the emissions, the better for the environment. What seems really simple and obvious requires sophisticated engineering ideas in practise. 
The efficient supply and use of energy in metal processing is a central issue for us. 
For the third time, Wippermann has voluntarily undergone the creditworthiness check of Creditreform. The outcome: the company has once more been awarded the CerfoZert, documenting the high creditworthiness of the company. 
Wippermann draws positive results from the 2013 Hannover Trade Fair. The exhibition of our extensive range of industrial chains and sprockets received excellent feedback and raised great interest among the specialists. 
Wippermann Engineering’s innovation: the maintenance-free Triathlon HT special chain for use under high temperatures of up to 200 °C now complements our chain range. The lubricant-free, wear resistant and high load bearing chain sets new standards for drive solutions in extreme applications.