Economization of raw materials, additives and lubricants

We are trying everywhere to optimize consumption and to avoid waste wherever and whenever possible in order to conserve resources. Our efforts include a sophisticated use of raw materials as well as the technical optimization of our production plants.


We want to avoid waste wherever possible. Therefore we use, for example, special cardboard boxes which do not need inside lamination or additional packaging in spite of chain lubrication.


A particularly important development of our production engineering is a central lubrication unit for the entire stamping process, which saves a lot of oil. The idea started with the question about the minimum oil requirement for the complete stamping process, if the oil could be applied directly at the points to be lubricated. Taking up this idea, our production engineers developed stamping tools with integrated line ducts for the supply of lubricants. The result was precise lubrication logistics – the correct amount of oil at the right time and the right place.