Multiple energy use

Whoever manufactures metal products needs a great deal of energy – at Wippermann as well. Therefore we are of the opinion that it is crucial to reflect upon the efficient supply and use of energy.


We started thinking about these issues some years ago, and we have come up with an idea that is basically quite simple. The energy, which is necessarily needed in certain stages of the production e.g. at the furnace lines, should be used several times as comprehensively as possible. This has led us to develop and install complex heat exchanger systems that make such multiple use possible. For example, at our new conveyor furnace line flue gas heat is subducted and subsequently used for the tempering furnace. Furthermore, the heat of the quenching oil is used for the washing process by means of a heat exchanger.


A particularly significant efficiency gain was achieved by using the hot exhaust gases emitted at the conveyor furnace to partially meet the hot water requirements in the company. The new system supplies the necessary energy for washing your hands, for the daily shower of plant workers as well as for the hot water in the heating system at the company headquarters – environmentally neutral because of waste heat recovery. Wippermann has made this possible by installing elaborate equipment with exhaust recuperation, heat exchangers, and large hot water storage tanks in combination with a sophisticated control system for hot water supply and heating.