Reduction of emissions

The lower the emissions are, the better it is for the environment. This concept might sound rather simple, but it certainly takes a few engineering ideas to realize it.

Years ago we managed to reduce the emissions from the machining areas to virtually zero. During the turning, milling and grinding processes emulsion vapor develops as a result of the connection of oil, water and fine abrasion material. Therefore a lot of our plants have been equipped with complete encapsulation and suction systems that direct the vapors into filter systems. Only the filtered, clean air will then be fed back into the hall (winter) or into the outside air (summer).


As early as in 2006 we completed a comprehensive project to change the heating system of our production halls from classic steam boiler heating to gas-fired dark emitters. The advantage is that these systems function on an infrared basis. They only heat up the immediate work environment and not the entire air in the hall. Thus we have achieved pleasant temperatures at the work place without the heat losses otherwise unavoidable in completely heated halls and workshops. The reduced demand for primary energy due to using dark emitters has been an improvement regarding emissions as well. This change alone significantly reduced CO2 emissions caused by the old heating system.