Initiative for health and safety protection

It is important to us to protect our employees’ health. Therefore we have had a health and safety management since the 1970s, and we consistently comply with all legal requirements. In addition to that, we have started schemes that have not yet been legally regulated.

Example: Sliding-grinding plant. Many of our components are surface-finished in sliding-grinding plants. The machines were therefore equipped with a special dust filter system. Dust developing during the grinding process is sucked off immediately when and where it occurs. As a result, the ambient air has considerably improved in the work areas.


We have been able to achieve similar improvements in other production areas. Another example is the machining center. All the equipment is completely encapsulated and has appropriate extraction systems. Oil emulsion vapors developing during different work processes are sucked off and subsequently filtered. All these improvements go far beyond legal requirements. We are particularly proud of the fact that some of the encapsulation systems were actually designed by our own employees and were then manufactured in cooperation with our construction department.

However, there is still more to be done. Health and work safety is a continuous improvement process. Some day, new ideas and technologies might make things possible which are currently not yet feasible. We are up to facing these challenges.