Lubricant development: Maximum service life, reduced chain length

The optimum lubrication of the drive system is crucial for the efficiency of your system. Thanks to our extensive engineering expertise, we offer you individual lubrication solutions that efficiently reduce the aging and wear processes of all components through optimum corrosion protection and minimization of frictional resistance. Benefit from our many years of experience from numerous test series to optimize your drive systems and applications.



  1. Operation without lubrication (dry running condition)
  2. Operation with initial lubrication, but without relubrication
  3. Operation with exceeded relubrication deadlines, intermittent dry running condition
  4. Operation with relubrication, temporarily interrupted, short-time dry running condition
  5. Operation with optimal relubrication

Apart from the chain dimensions, the chain speed is the primary factor that determines lubrication scope and type (manual, drip oiler, oil bath or pressure circulation lubrication). For further information please refer to DIN ISO 10823 with information as to the selection and dimensioning of roller chain drives.

Wippermann offers a suitable initial lubricant for any application including lubricants for extremely high and low temperatures, which are necessary in the food and beverage industry. Our range includes 10 standard lubricants and a further 20 brand name products that can be used for either initial lubrication or relubrication. Comprehensive test runs on our test benches as well as our many years of practical experience enable us to consult you professionally and effectively with regard to all issues concerning the use of lubricants.

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