Test benches with Wippermann Marathon chains ensure precise test results


Companies designing and constructing test benches have the highest reliability and consistent equipment behaviour in mind. This means that each part of a test bench, e.g. for component test of mechanical construction elements, must be of high quality and guarantee extreme consistency in order to ensure genuine measuring results.

In order to test the wear resistance of a counter partner of a drum that can be heated up to 250°C for even higher temperatures, a drive chain, which can bear the high thermal load, must be employed. Since the tests, during which the radiant heat of the drum also affects other close test bench areas, take several hours, maintenance of the drive elements is impossible. The demands on the chain used as to being maintenance free and to work without lubricants are particularly high in this case.


Marathon – the name says it all. A Wippermann Marathon chain 513 (12B-1) with high-temperature sinter bushings was used for driving a drum made of stainless steel. This is a typical case where Wippermann Marathon chains show their advantages: extremely long durability without relubrication even under rough ambient conditions.

The excellent performance and efficiency of Wippermann’s Marathon chain ensure that test bench experts can rely on a constant test bench drive and thus precise results.

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