Wear-resistant and maintenance-free chains for the efficient and economical operation of conveyor systems

Conveyor systems are the lifeline in the complex process chains of manufacturing companies. Modern systems not only combine manufacturing processes, but also offer maximum system flexibility thanks to individually designed feeding and buffering sections. This requires reliable availability. For this reason, the drive and conveyor chains used are of particular importance. Our high-performance chain systems offer exceptional wear resistance and freedom from maintenance, enabling the efficient and economical operation of modern conveyor systems.


Modern and efficient conveyor technology has to meet many requirements: long distances, possibly inclined or vertical sections, adaptation to the shape and material properties of the goods, high load weights and often positioning of the conveyed goods with highest accuracy. It often results in the need for a customized solution when selecting drive and conveyor chains. This is exactly where our expertise lies: Based on our Biathlon, Marathon and Triathlon Roller Chains, double pitch roller chains, roller chains with straight plates, hollow pin chains, accumulator chains and other chain types, we develop and manufacture optimized drive and conveyor chains for individual transport tasks. For example, extended attachment pins, inner and outer plates as attachments, pusher dogs, POM clips, clamp plates and many other attachments are possible. The focus is always on the safe transport of materials on our customers' conveyor systems.


High resistance and an enormous service life even without relubrication – our high performance chains make conveyor technology safe and reliable.

Where the use of standard roller chains is uneconomical due to difficult maintenance conditions, our Biathlon, Marathon and Triathlon chains offer a long service life and therefore maximum operational reliability, making full use of their economic advantages. A special coating on the chain pins and rollers and the use of a long-term lubricant make the Biathlon chain very resistant, even if relubrication is delayed. If relubrication is not possible due to inaccessibility or not desired to minimize downtime, we recommend the use of our maintenance-free Marathon chains. Even in harsh environments, this type of chain can be used in conveyor systems without relubrication. This reduces maintenance intervals and increases the productivity of the conveyor system.

With our extensive experience in the broad field of conveyor applications, we support our customers by providing detailed application consulting. We develop customized special chains for your conveyor application or configure our chains with individual special attachments to meet your specific requirements.

The advantages of low-maintenance high-performance chains for conveyor systems::

  • Individual application consulting for efficient drive solutions in conveyor technology
  • Increased cost-effectiveness thanks to high availability and reliability
  • Broad range of low-maintenance or maintenance-free transport and conveyor chains
  • Exceptional dry-running properties in the absence of lubrication thanks to Biathlon technology
  • Maintenance-free Marathon and Triathlon versions available
  • Highest quality and availability thanks to production in Germany