Stainless steel chains for the most demanding applications

Highest degree of protection in aggressive environments


In industries such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the chemical industry, hygiene regulations, manufacturing procedures or aggressive environments require the use of corrosion protected system components. For these applications in particular, we manufacture a wide range of chain types and sizes, including stainless steel versions, e.g. British or American type roller chains, long-pitch roller chains, roller chains with straight plates, accumulator chains and many more chain types.

Also available with TRIGLEIT polymer bearings

In order to extend the range of applications and to optimize the material-related limited wear resistance of stainless steel chains, we have developed the Marathon RF series. Just like the maintenance-free Triathlon series, the Marathon RF series features our high-performance polymer bearings which considerably improve the tribological properties of the chain joint. With three different materials, we offer the optimum bearing for every application. All bearings are designed for dry running operation and contact with water and achieve best values regarding friction and wear resistance.

Permanent water contact, dry running, extreme temperatures as well as contact with food or chemical substances. If your drive systems are exposed to these conditions during the production process, the stainless steel chains of the Marathon RF series with their high load-bearing and friction-free polymer bearings as well as the chain components made of stainless steel are the right choice for your application.

We offer different types of bearings and materials to allow you to customize the chains according to your requirements. The special TRIGLEIT polymer bearings are as versatile as your applications. The new generation of the Marathon RF series offers a high degree of economy with optimum drive performance. 

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