The space-saving chain box – perfect addition to your rigid chain drive

Thanks to its special design properties, rigid chains are ideal for areas of application in which installation space for a powerful drive is limited. We have designed the system in such a way that these advantages can be reasonably supplemented with various options for space-saving chain storage in order to optimally meet the various requirements.

When planning the integration of a drive system, the question of the available installation space is of decisive importance. rigid chain systems offer considerable advantages compared to drives that are based on hydraulically or pneumatically operated cylinders, or on spindle or rack-and pinion drives, as they require significantly less space.

In order to fully utilise these structural advantages of the rigid chain drive as part of an all-in-one solution, our Marathon Lift is available with a space-saving chain box.

The passive strand of the chain is diverted into a compact depot, wound up and stored in a space-saving manner. The accommodation in the chain box, which can be designed according to the respective application, allows our customers to achieve large lifting heights even under structurally demanding installation space conditions.

In order to ensure trouble-free use of the chain box and to protect the rigid chain from external influences such as dirt or mechanical stress, the chain box is shielded by a slim housing.

Chain box for space-saving storage of the chain

After the deflection, the passive part of the rigid chain can be stored in a chain box. Thanks to the chain guide customised to the geometry of the chain, even long chain sections for large lifting heights can be accommodated in a space-saving manner.

Chain box with linear chain feed

If there is sufficient space, the chain can also end straight on a rail. This type of chain guide is particularly suitable for low lifting heights or when there is sufficient space available.

The Marathon Lift for your application

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