Biathlon chains: Cost effectiveness through wear protection

The high-performance Biathlon chain shows its full advantages wherever the use of standard roller chains is not economical in the face of difficult maintenance conditions. The special coating of chain pins and rollers allows for excellent dry-running operation characteristics and makes this chain particularly resistant in phases without sufficient relubrication. The extended wear life increases the availability of machines and plants.


The special surface coating of the Biathlon chain guarantees high resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear even in case of low lubrication. Thus fretting is avoided to a very large extent. Due to special finishing procedures, the surface has an optimal ductility despite its hardness.

The coating process is characterized by a reproducible layer thickness and an extraordinarily constant and even layer thickness on the chain components.

Special technical features

  • coated chain pins
  • coated rollers
  • special long-term lubricants

Advantages in application

  • particularly efficient and cost-effective
  • excellent dry-running operation characteristics in case of insufficient lubrication

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