With spirit into the future. For more sustainability

Our future is shaped by our actions today. The responsibility for tomorrow lies in our own hands. Actively assuming responsibility applies to every individual in our society and also to us as a company. We are up to the challenge.


As a family-owned company thinking ahead for generations we ask ourselves how the decisions we make today will affect us tomorrow. We believe that the future requires spirit and thus for Wippermann a wise combination of our commitment to people, the environment and technology.

For us, assuming responsibility as a company means taking care of our employees and the people around us, as well as the environment. Nevertheless, we are also responsible for the future-proof development of our company and thus for continuous technical innovations. Only a successful and economically sound company can fully meet its obligations towards people and the environment. Today, we summarize this overarching responsibility under the keyword "sustainability". For us, it has always been the vision to face the future with good spirit.