Reducing CO2 emissions and pollutants in chain production

The lower the emissions, the better for the environment. While it may sound simple and obvious, in reality this requires sustainable engineering ideas. We have developed effective solutions that are tailored specifically to our processes, such as a filtration system for emulsion mist.


Years ago, we reduced emissions from the machine shops to almost zero. Turning, milling and grinding create an emulsion mist consisting of a combination of oil, water and fine abrasive particles. Many of our machines are fully encapsulated with extraction systems that channel this mist into filter systems. Once the air is cleaned, it is released into the hall or outside, depending on the season.

In 2006, we converted the heating of our production halls from conventional central steam boiler heating to gas-fired dark radiators as part of a comprehensive project. The advantage: The infrared radiators heat the respective working environment but not the entire air in a hall. This provides a comfortable working temperature without the heat loss that is unavoidable in production halls which are completely heated. The significant reduction in primary energy consumption due to the use of dark radiators also resulted in an essential reduction of emissions: This adjustment alone led to a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions caused by heating.