Availability matters: Drive chains, sprockets and services for the manufacturing processes in the automotive industry

The demands on the complex intralogistics processes of the automotive and automotive supply industry with just-in-sequence delivery are high: The individual components required for production must be reliably available in the correct number and at the right time in the respective assembly process step.

The drive components of the conveyor systems used must therefore be as maintenance-free as possible and extremely reliable. Especially for the sensitive processes of the automotive industry, we therefore offer extremely efficient and proven chain systems, which ensure a high level of operational safety and thus optimum cost-effectiveness of the systems

Our reliable and durable chain systems and sprockets cover almost all possible applications in the field of automotive or component manufacturing. Our high-performance chains of the Marathon and Triathlon brands are the preferred choice for complex assembly lines in order to avoid technical system failures and reduce cost-intensive maintenance phases. These are maintenance-free and offer reliable properties under extreme conditions: For example, they can be used without lubrication up to a chain speed of 2.5 m/s and are suitable for temperature ranges of up to 200 degrees Celsius. This also applies to roller chains with straight plates and double pitch roller chains according to DIN ISO 1275. We manufacture all chains with the highest precision in terms of length accuracy and pairing tolerances.



In addition, we offer our automotive customers precisely matched sprockets for their drive systems. This results in exceptional drive performance for precise and reliable conveyor systems.

It goes without saying that we comply with the strict specifications of the automobile manufacturers regarding the use of lubricants. We have intensively evaluated the quality and use of lubricants in numerous test series and permanent practical tests. In this context, we advise you specifically regarding the initial lubrication of your drive chains or check with you the possible uses of our high-performance systems, which can be operated with exceptionally low wear even in high-temperature areas without additional lubrication.

Automotive conveying technology: Safe transport of vehicle components thanks to reliable chain systems

In the main conveyor lines and assembly lines of automotive manufacturing, our high-performance chains prove in practice. For transport processes such as in final vehicle assembly, we offer customized drive chains of the Marathon and Triathlon brands, which we design based on the respective specifications. Our technical consulting and our individual manufacturing options offer you a drive solution that is perfectly matched to your application.


Our special chains are used in paint shops with paint mists or in immersion conveyor systems for pre-treatment of surfaces: The stainless high-performance chain Marathon RF  guarantees reliable operational safety even when in permanent contact with water. This is thanks to the integrated polymer bearing TRIGLEIT II and its ideal friction conditions in contact with the chain pin. This drive chain can also be operated with low wear when exposed to water.

Comprehensive service with fast availability and individual consulting

In addition to our high-quality drive components, we offer our customers a comprehensive service. Thanks to our tight supplier network, we guarantee high availability of our standard chains within 24 hours. With regional sourcing and our production of chain systems and sprockets "Made in Germany" we operate independently of global supply chains. Use this competitive advantage of high availability of our wide range of drive chains and sprockets.

With our engineering services, we also support you in the individual planning of chain drives for production lines and give you advice on the basis of our combined expertise. For example, you can access our CAD data online to take specifications of our wide range of industrial chains into account right from the start of your planning.


To find out which chain system best meets your requirements you can rely on our application consulting. Our experienced consultants collect the specific operating parameters and develop the optimal design of the required chain system for you, both as a standard solution according to existing standards (e.g. ISO 606) and as a customized special solution.

Automotive and supply industry: Your advantages at a glance

  • Maintenance-free high-performance chains for lubricant-free use
  • Compliance with the strict specifications regarding the use of lubricants in the automotive industry
  • High availability due to a tight supplier network
  • Application consulting and individual engineering services
  • Quality "Made in Germany"