Special requirements are our criteria in product engineering

Our product engineering is permanently looking for new solutions for special applications. These endeavors are frequently stimulated by customers’ requirements for new projects.

Several applications present a special challenge to us. There are e.g. some drive systems where chain relubrication is not possible, but a long life cycle must nevertheless be guaranteed. For such cases we have developed the Marathon chain, which combines a porous and oil-soaked sintered bushing with a specially coated pin to form a self-lubricating chain joint.

Therefore product engineering also means for us to develop new solutions together with suppliers. One aspect is to work on innovative solutions for chains that do not need any lubrication at all, which is of particular importance in the food and beverage industry.

However, the development of conventionally lubricated chains also continues. Owing to the improved efficiency of our lubricants​​​​​​​ an economical and ecologically optimized application is now possible.

Since demanding solutions also depend on the raw materials used, we closely cooperate with our suppliers with regard to new developments, because our R&D strength is based on a profound know-how of all production stages – from raw materials and sophisticated production processes to application consulting.

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