Low maintenance ensures efficiency of assembly plants

Assembly systems, assembly lines or assembly stations are typically characterized by continuously running, fixed-cycle processes. What counts is the number of units produced per unit of time. Safe transport of material with low downtimes are of major importance in terms of economic efficiency. The use of our maintenance-free high-performance chains for feeding systems, chain systems and handling systems enable reliable and efficient operation. This means that series production is uninterrupted and therefore extremely economical.


Time is an important factor. In assembly plants, work steps in terms of time and costs are sustainably optimized. Assembly systems are often used in industrial production in continuous shift operation. Systems can only perform to their full potential if they operate continuously and without interruption. Therefore, for transport of material our customers rely on high-quality double pitch roller chains according to ISO 1275 as well as robust GL roller chains with straight plates. GL roller chains are based on the models according to ISO 606. However, they feature straight plates which have advantages in applications with direct contact between transport goods and chain. All chains are available as conveyor chains with various standard attachments for material feeding as well as material transfer between assembly cells. Individually designed attachments according to customers’ requirements are also possible.


Sometimes access to drive chains and conveyor chains is restricted in assembly plants. In order to significantly reduce waiting time and downtimes, our customers primarily use double pitch roller chains and GL roller chains as a maintenance-free Marathon design. The Marathon design enables outstanding long service life and is used wherever relubrication is either not possible or very difficult. Thus, Marathon chains in assembly plants contribute to high efficiency and sustainability.

Advantages of Marathon chains for assembly plants

  • Maintenance-free
  • No relubrication required
  • Long service life
  • Chain speeds of up to 2.5m/s possible
  • Also available as stainless steel chain with polymer bearings
  • Customized version also available
  • Ambient temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius is possible
  • High resilience
  • Particularly economical