We stand for tolerance, equal opportunities and equal rights

Clearly, it is the people who make our company. Their personality. Their knowledge and skills. And their commitment. Since its foundation, our company has cultivated a corporate culture that pays special attention to the people in the company. Good and fair working conditions have always been top priority for us.


Many of our employees come from the region of our Hagen location and have been with us for years – some even for decades. We value our employees’ loyalty to the company, because we can rely on their wealth of experience. At the same time, it is an incentive for us to further enhance our attractiveness as an employer.


Equal Opportunities from the Start

For decades we have continuously focused on qualified training in commercial and industrial professions in order to offer prospects for young people. In this context, equal opportunities are an important aspect for us, which we believe already begins in the initial phase of professional orientation. By participating in the Girls' and Boys' Day for young students in Germany, we strive to promote equal opportunities at an early stage.

Our Attitude: Tolerance

Diversity is an integral part of our company. We unite different nations and faiths among our employees. As different perspectives broaden our horizons, we believe that this diversity is an opportunity. We are committed to equality and firmly reject any form of discrimination, for example based on gender, origin, religion, opinion or disability.

Fairness and Social Partnership

Fairness is the basis for successful cooperation within our company. As an employer, we offer fair remuneration and conditions. We value social partnership and operational co-determination. The latter is carried out in our company by a works council and the youth and apprentice representation.

Securing the Future Through Further Education and Qualification

Standing still means going backwards – because today's state of development is subject to rapid change. In this context, being and remaining competitive means developing innovations, setting new trends and being the driving force in the market. One basis for this is further education. Therefore, our employees attend training courses on a regular basis. These include, for example, training courses for design engineers on the latest CAD system or deepening the knowledge of metallography methods of our materials testers.