Lantern gear sprockets: exact positioning by means of specially modified tooth geometry

Lantern gears with roller chains are a well-priced and robust alternative to rack and pinion drives. The stretched lantern gear chain contacts the lantern gear sprocket tangentially, and thus the linear movement of the chain results in a circular motion of the sprocket. Vice versa, the circular motion of a driving sprocket results in a linear movement of the chain.

Since only one tooth at a time meshes with the chain in an extreme case, the teeth of lantern gear sprockets must have a special shape and must also be hardened. Sprockets with standard toothing are generally not suitable for lantern gear arrangements. Lantern gear chain drives are frequently used in roll conveyors and drum drives with large diameters.

Lantern gear sprockets are manufactured “ready-to-install” on request (with custom bore, grooves etc.).

For all special sprockets made to specifications we are happy to offer feasibility studies and an individual quotation on request.

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