Chain breakers: break chains fast and easily

The chain breaker ensures a fast and simple breaking of the chain for shortening or for replacing a defective part. Wippermann offers suitable chain breakers for different roller chain types according to ISO 606 up to a pitch of 1".


Before using the chain breaker it is necessary to grind down the rivet heads (please wear protective goggles!) at the outer link of the breaking point in order to avoid damage to the bushings.

In the second step the chain is fastened at the breaking point by means of the set screw. The ground-down rivet head must be at the same side as the screw.

Thirdly, the drift is placed into the guide of the set screw, and the ground-down rivet bolt is driven out of the chain with a few hard blows of a hammer. Follow the same procedure for the second rivet bolt. In no case may the old components be used again.

The removed chain link can now be replaced by a suitable connecting link. In some cases leaf chains with the same pitch can be broken accordingly.

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