Technical data of the maintenance-free push-pull chain system

The compact rigid system allows the precise and jerk-free lifting of loads of up to 2.0 tonnes within 10 seconds to a height of 2 metres. The space-saving dimensions of the Marathon Lift, which enable the system to be integrated even in confined spaces, are also compelling.


Capacity Fmax (stat.):
35 kN
Capacity Fmax (dyn.):
20 kN
Breaking load of the chain FB:
140 kN
Max. load capacity:
2.0 t
Max. unguided lift:
2 m
Max. speed:
200 mm/s
Min. construction height:
370 mm
Min. cycles:
> 1,000,000
Chain pitch:
1.5“ / 38.1 mm
Chain weight:
14 kg
Declaration of Incorporation
in accordance with Machinery Directive 
2006/42/EC, Annex II B
No. 10 2016 110 949
No. 10 2016 110 950

Total dimension of the system

Total length of system:   1,300 mm
Total height of system:    370 mm
Total dimension of push-pull chain drive housing (LxWxH):   270 x 139 x 370 mm
Total dimension of chain box housing (LxWxH):   960 x 205 x 370 mm
Width of chain box:   139 mm

Drive shaft and gear shaft

Diameter of drive shaft:   45 mm
Height of gear shaft (centre of axis):   210 mm
Motor and gear unit*:   Dimensions according to individual specification


*Drive unit not included in scope of delivery.

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