Side bow chains with excellent curve-going capability for conveyance systems

The construction of side bow chains is similar to roller chains according to ISO 606. However, in contrast to roller chains, a chain joint modification makes it adaptable to a given space and curve-going.


The capability for lateral bending of the chain links is achieved by either using a specially machined pin or by bigger tolerances between pin and bushing. The lateral backlash between inner and outer links is adjusted accordingly. Depending on the respective design, the chains can be used as of 250 mm curve radius. Side bow chains are usually employed in conveying systems where, apart from the usual joint flexibility, curve-going capability is required.

Side bow chains with specially machined pins can be equipped with all the usual attachments and special plates. Due to their design, however, they have a small bearing area and are consequently only suitable for lower loads than comparable roller chains.

For the design with bigger tolerances the diameter of the pin was reduced in comparison with the respective roller chain. The hole pitch of the outer plate was modified accordingly. Attachments can be supplied as individual extra components. The bearing area is smaller than that of a comparable roller chain.

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