WKS SPRAY: Our efficient high-quality lubricants for relubrication.

In addition to the application-specific design of our chains, the use of the right lubricant also plays a decisive role for wear resistance and therefore for the lifespan of your drive system.

Thanks to our extensive engineering expertise, we offer you individual lubrication solutions that efficiently reduce the aging and wear processes of all components through optimum corrosion protection and minimization of frictional resistance. The extension of the relubrication intervals as well as the positive effect on the energy consumption of the drive further add to the efficiency of the system.

We therefore offer our high-performance WKS lubricants for every application, including relubrication, in addition to the initial lubrication of our chains.

The Wippermann range of products not only offers the versatile WKS chain sprays, but also includes over 30 high-quality lubricants for every application. WKS-Plus, WKS-Spezial and WKS-H1 are also available in 5 liter containers for use in lubrication systems.

Technically and economically efficient - for a broad range of applications

Our chain sprays cover a broad range of different areas of application. With a possible temperature range from - 10 °C to +240 °C, outstanding adhesive strength and wear protection as well as special properties for corrosive environments or the use in the food industry, we offer the right lubricants for many industries.

The advantages of the WKS chain sprays

  • Suitable for relubrication of all drive, timing, conveyor and lifting chains
  • Reduces joint wear and chain elongation sustainably
  • Optimum corrosion protection
  • Free of silicone, chlorine and soap
  • Spray can with an extended nozzle for precise handling with low spray loss

Application tips for effective use

  • Spray distance about 20 cm
  • Targeted spraying of the joint spaces for optimum supply of bolts and bushes with lubricant

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