More than 125 years of experience and the highest technological competence combined to fight wear and corrosion

The continuous new and further development of chains is an important aspect of Wippermann’s company philosophy. It is the main goal of our research and development efforts to continuously optimize the properties and characteristics of our chains for daily use, particularly as regards wear resistance, fatigue and resistance to corrosion.

We put a special emphasis on low-maintenance or maintenance-free chains. Thus we are following the prevailing trend in machine and plant construction aimed at continuously minimizing maintenance work.

Owing to its long experience of more than 125 years, Wippermann now has the highest competence in manufacturing drive components. Product optimization starts with material selection. Furthermore, it comprises the latest procedures and processes for the production of individual components such as winding and punching technology, heat treatment and grit-blasting as well as subsequent assembly and mounting concepts. Final pre-stretching of the chains and the selection of suitable high-performance lubricants for initial lubrication guarantee the optimal functionality of our products.

By means of FEM, chain components can be geometrically optimized in order to achieve an increase in fatigue resistance for practical applications.

The intensive cooperation with a network of development partners and universities enables Wippermann to use new steel grades, coating technologies, sinter components, high-performance plastics as well as new lubricants in order to optimize chains within a short period of time.

We have a well-equipped test bay and a laboratory for metallographic tests in order to verify the usage properties of new or further developed products. Fatigue resistance and endurance limits of the chains are tested on high-frequency pulsators around the clock. Newly developed low-wear chain links are first tested on a special test stand for individual links, and subsequently, under practice related conditions, on chain wear test bays. The corrosion behavior of coated chains is determined in benchmark salt spray tests according to DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS.

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