Reliable availability of goods and components in storage and logistics applications thanks to maintenance-free drive and conveyor chains

Logistics processes in storage management and production lines are of major importance for many companies: Constant availability of goods and components for production is essential for continuous and reliable processes with high efficiency – and is therefore the prerequisite for economic success in many industries today. That is why high-performance drive components are even more demanded for conveying technology. Our wide range of reliable and maintenance-free drive and conveyor chains is therefore precisely designed to meet the requirements of modern transport systems.


The transport of piece goods or bulk goods in logistics and intralogistics often places very specific demands on the drive and conveyor chains used. For this reason, we offer a wide range of roller chains, side bow chains, accumulator chains and hollow pin chains as well as customized special designs. Besides curve-going capability or freedom from maintenance of the chains, also high loads and speeds are required.


Especially because of these high demands on load capacity and wear resistance, many of our customers rely on the Marathon versions of our roller chains. Wippermann's proven long-running chain guarantees a service life that is up to 35 times longer than that of standard roller chains thanks to the high-grade sinter bushings containing special lubricants and a specially coated pin. Our high-performance chains for conveyor systems are available in ISO 606 and ISO 1275 sizes, so that they are compatible with the commonly used dimensions and can be retrofitted.

Economical and safe: Drive and conveyor chains from Wippermann guarantee highest quality and reliability

Precise adjustment of the chains to the requirements of the respective storage or conveyor system and the goods to be transported ensures excellent drive performance. If required, we manufacture special solutions with individual chain design and special materials. In addition, we take into account customer’s safety requirements for prevention of personal injury and system failures. With our high-performance chains, we contribute to a constantly safe and efficient flow of goods in all areas of logistics and production-integrated goods and parts management.


The advantages of high-performance conveyor and transport chains for logistics and storage:

  • Comprehensive product range of high-performance drive and conveyor chains
  • Maintenance-free Marathon versions for maximum economic efficiency
  • Individual design of chain systems possible
  • Profound consulting services for maximum reliability and operational safety