Chains with plastic clips: maximum safety for goods

Roller chains with straight plates (type series GL) are employed in conveying systems to transport a variety of different goods. If the goods to be transported are not easily damageable like e.g. euro pallets, they can be conveyed directly on the chain. However, damageable goods such as chipboard and varnished or veneered goods must be protected against damages caused by the chain during the conveying process.

Wippermann offers a number of different plastic clips made of POM. These clips are suitable for mounting on roller chains (type series GL) and prevent the direct contact between the chain and the items to be transported. Furthermore, they enlarge the contact surface and they are therefore able to guarantee a particularly safe conveyance process. The special design of the plastic clips also prevents a possible tilting in the deflections of the chain conveyor. In order to further strengthen the clip fixation we recommend the use of unrivetted roller chains.

For the conveyance of particularly delicate and easily slipping goods Wippermann offers plastic clips with an overlay made of thermo-plastic elastomer (TPU) with a hardness of approximately 85 Shore A. These clips significantly increase the adhesion friction coefficient between the conveyed item and the clip, which ensures an absolutely slip-free conveyance process. On request, hardness degrees between 50 Shore A and 90 Shore A are possible.

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