Robust chains for lifting applications: High breaking loads ensure maximum safety!

As a safety-relevant component, lifting chains in lifting equipment and floor conveyors must withstand the highest loads in order to ensure the protection of transported goods and, above all, people. High loads, considerable lifting heights and dynamic stress due to impacts are just some of the requirements. For these applications, we have developed the heavy-duty Wippermann leaf chains with high fatigue strength, making them ideal for lifting equipment and floor conveyors.


The enormous load-bearing capacity of our leaf chains is achieved through a robust basic design, consisting only of pins and plates, and the use of high-strength materials. Wippermann chains used in lifting equipment and floor conveyors, which can withstand high dynamic loads are manufactured in accordance with ISO 4347, the factory standard, or as a heavy-duty U-series in accordance with the factory standard for extreme demands in particularly harsh operating conditions. Leaf chains are available as LL, based on chain components according to ISO 606 Series B (European type) roller chain standard, or as LH and BL, based chain components according to ISO 606 Series A (American type). Our leaf chains are always designed for optimum safety and durability.


Economical and safe: Robust chains for lift trucks from Wippermann guarantee highest quality and reliability!

Whether counterbalance forklift trucks, high-lift and low-lift trucks or other types of floor conveyors: Many forklifts are used outdoors in all weather conditions. Our special chains for lifting applications are also ideal for cranes and forestry equipment, which are constantly exposed to weather and extreme conditions, requiring chains that can withstand tremendous loads.


The advantages of robust leaf chains for lifting equipment and floor conveyors

  • Designs according to ISO 4347
  • Can resist high dynamic loads even under extreme ambient conditions
  • Heavy-duty U-series for exceptionally high loads
  • High breaking strength for maximum safety