Resource conservation and environmental protection

We are constantly striving to optimise our consumption at various stages of your processes and thus conserve valuable resources. This starts with thoughtful use of raw materials and extends to the technical optimisation of our production facilities.


One example of such a process optimisation to save operating materials originates in a special development of our manufacturing engineering: Our technicians have developed a central lubrication unit for the entire punching process, which allows very high oil savings. The starting point was a consideration of the minimum amount of oil that would be required for the entire punching process if the lubricant could be directed specifically to the spots to be lubricated. On this basis, our production engineers developed punching tools with integrated ducts for the supply of lubricant. The result was precise lubricant logistics: the right amount of oil in the right place at the right time. As a consequence, we have achieved a significant reduction in oil consumption. Less oil means more for the environment.