Our initiative for occupational health and safety

For us, occupational health and safety take top priority, because physical integrity and health are vital. That is why we have had a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system in place since the 1970s, which today even exceeds the legal requirements in some aspects.


Protecting the health of our employees is important to us. Our goal is therefore to have zero accidents at work in every financial year. We are aware that achieving this goal is an ongoing process and are working hard for this.

Despite all caution, accidents and individual health problems of employees or visitors on our premises can never be ruled out. In order to provide optimal assistance in the event of an emergency, we have 3 paramedics and 40 first aiders in our company.

We have had a health and safety management system in place since the 1970s and consistently implement legal requirements. In addition, we have taken measures for which there are, or have been, no legal regulations.

For example, mass finishing equipment: A large proportion of our components receive a surface finish in the mass finishing machines. All mass finishing machines are equipped with a special dust filter system: Dust from the mass finishing process is extracted directly where it is generated. This air is then cleaned in a central filter system. The result: The air quality in the relevant work areas has improved significantly.

We have been able to achieve similar improvements in various production areas, such as the machining systems: all systems are now completely encapsulated with appropriate extraction systems. The oil emulsion mist resulting from the various work processes is extracted and then filtered. These improvements also go well beyond the measures required by law. We are particularly proud that some of the encapsulations were designed by our own employees and implemented in collaboration with our design department.

Nevertheless, there’s always room for optimisation: Occupational health and safety is a continuous improvement process. Thanks to new ideas and techniques what seems impossible today can be realised tomorrow. We face the challenges.