The compact, maintenance-free rigid chain system – ideal for scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are deployed wherever heavy loads must be lifted in a reliable and precise manner. Their area of application includes industrial manufacturing processes as well as dynamically movable stage and seating systems in the event management industry or vehicle lifts in buildings. Besides the low space requirement of the rigid chain drive, the Marathon Lift is also convincing from an economic point of view due to its freedom of maintenance in all areas of application.


Raising and lowering the platform of scissor lifts is achieved by changing the spread of the lateral scissor construction. In contrast to hydraulically operated systems the rigid chain system is decoupled from the shears. This results in several advantages for the design and operation of scissor lifts with the Marathon Lift:


  • Fast and repeatable lifting and lowering movements thanks to the patented rigid chain drive
  • Precise and smooth starting and stopping of the platform
  • Positioning with millimetre precision at the defined target height without lowering the platform, even with longer idle times
  • Environmentally friendly and clean technology: Due to the design, there is no need for hydraulic oil; the maintenance-free Marathon chain does not require any additional lubrication.
  • Simplified and weight-saving design of the scissor construction, since it only serves as a guide and not a drive of the platform
  • Space-saving storage of the chain in a chain box particularly designed for the relevant application enables large lifting heights with small installation space

Powerful, maintenance-free and scalable

Thanks to diverse power and size variants of the various models the Marathon Lift allows the realisation of scissor lifts of different sizes and load capacities for a wide range of applications – maintenance-free for millions of movement cycles up to a load of 2.0 tonnes and up to a lift height of 2.0 metres. Thanks to the smart cross-linked control of several units, even dynamic processes can be flexibly controlled on different levels.


Scissor lifts are an integral part of many manufacturing and assembly processes, but also logistics and intralogistics processes can be reliably implemented using lifting tables. Besides a design adapted for limited installation space, freedom of maintenance also plays an important role in virtually all areas of application. The Marathon Lift is therefore particularly suitable for many typical applications of scissor lifts, such as:


  • Integration in complex manufacturing lines, for example in automotive production
  • Raising and lowering of platforms, stage and seating elements in multifunctional halls
  • Lift and parking systems for vehicles inside and outside of buildings
  • Container movements in ports, airports or at transshipment points and forwarding agents
  • Infeed and discharge of workpieces in furnaces and hardening ovens
  • Transport and positioning of tools in large industrial plants
  • Lifting platforms in workshops

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