For many years, using heat energy multiple times has been an approach at Wippermann to reduce CO2 emissions. Due to the energy-intensive chain production in particular, this provides a considerable potential, which we are now further exploiting with a new, state-of-the-art heat recovery system.


Innovative chain-based drive, conveyor and hoisting solutions at the special exhibition Components for Processing & Packaging 2023 at interpack in Dusseldorf Customised solutions for application areas with high requirements such as maintenance-free and lubricant-free operation or FDA approval are the focus of our presentation at the trade fair.


Thanks to its particularly low overall height, the new model of the Marathon Lift is the optimal hoisting solution for applications with limited installation space. The ML1000 combines extremely compact dimensions with all the advantages of our maintenance-free rigid chain technology such as high load capacity and extreme durability with more than one million movement cycles without significant wear.

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With chain-based drive concepts, the focus is usually on tensile force. However, sophisticated rigid chain systems also offer enormous potential for pressure force transmission, as Dr.-Ing. Jakob Küpferle, head of our engineering department, explained in a presentation at the 11th VDI “Variable Gears” conference. His presentation offered insights into the topics of reducing joint wear, maximising contact area and applications of chain-based lifting systems.


With the ONO, the Berlin tech company ONOMOTION is focussing on a new segment of electrified transport bikes with large-volume storage space and high payload for city logistics. On board: E-bike chains from Connex by Wippermann, which reliably withstand the high torque of the two electric motors even at maximum load. With this innovation, the chain specialist Wippermann exploits the market segment of high-performance e-bikes for urban logistics concepts, which is continually growing with the electric cargo bikes from ONOMOTION.

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Lifting loads by means of a rigid chain is an efficient alternative to hydraulically operated systems. Wippermann, specialist for drive systems, now launches a maintenance-free rigid chain system for highest loads which bears its name for good reasons: The Marathon Lift is extremely durable – more than 1 million movement cycles without significant wear.

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For 20 years, one of our most successful products has been our maintenance-free Marathon chain. It moves systems all over the world and under the toughest conditions in a wide variety of applications and industries. And the success story goes on, as we will continue to meet the constantly growing requirements by continuously developing our high-performance chains.