Pusher dog chains for the smooth transportation of goods

Chains with pusher dogs provide a positive-locking connection for the transport of piece goods. The pusher dog is a multi-part linkage that can be attached anywhere on a chain strand.


Owing to the exactly matched individual components the pusher dog has a very important additional function, compared to fixed attachment, since it is in an upright position during the entire transport distance. It pushes forward the item in front of it in a positive-locking connection.

In the deflection phase around the sprocket the pusher dog submerges downwards keeping its position at right angle. Thus exact positioning is possible without damaging the goods. Due to the kinematics, there are advantages for the construction engineer regarding the handover to subsequent transport stations.

Apart from standard pusher dogs we can also supply customer-specific solutions such as single-arm pusher dogs, devices for overhead application, and stainless steel types.


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