Our commitment to a liveable environment

As a manufacturer of industrial chains, we are among the energy-intensive companies within the steel processing industry. This alone places a heavy responsibility towards the environment on us, which we take very seriously. We are continuously working on optimising our energy consumption, both in terms of usage efficiency and the mix of energy sources used.


We aim to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2045. Natural gas, which we use for heating and heat treatment processes in our furnaces, accounts for a large proportion of our CO2-effective energy mix. It can be substituted with hydrogen in the medium and long term, making this production area CO2-free. From today's perspective, the bottleneck for this transformation is the sufficient availability of hydrogen at our site.

Since the conversion to hydrogen is planned in the medium and long term, we’re currently striving to use energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For us, the key factors are using energy multiple times, increasing the efficiency of systems and adapting our energy mix towards renewable energies.