Wippermann offers roller chains according to factory standard specification for new machines and plants.

Leaf chains are standardized according to ISO 4347. They are used as load chains in cranes, hoisting gear and lifting equipment as well as for holding counterweights and for the transmission of back-and-forth movements under load.


Standards distinguish between the leaf chain type series LL, which is based on chain components according to roller chain standard ISO 606 type B (European type), and the type series LH (also BL) based on chain components according to standard ISO 606 type series A (American type).

Leaf chains are constructed as plate chains and, due to their particular design, work without a meshing sprocket. The combination of plates (outer plates x inner plates) is variable and selected according to the load. Inner and outer links at the chain ends ensure a simple fixing of leaf chains to respective acceptance devices.

For particularly high loads we recommend the heavy-duty leaf chain type U according to works standard.

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