Strengthening society through active involvement

Founded in 1893, our company has been developing drive technology “Made in Germany” for 130 years. We have always remained loyal to our Hagen location and feel deeply rooted in the region. Reason enough to give something back to the people of our homeland.


At our company headquarters, we are closely connected to the region. Most of our employees come from the local area. This is linked to an important aspect for the future that we can give back to the region: providing apprenticeships. In mid-2023, we employed seven trainees in commercial and industrial professions.

Our social involvement is also focussed locally in our direct sphere of influence. For example, we support two local sports clubs and cooperate with regional sheltered workshops, which carry out various jobs for us.

Another regional focus relates to our suppliers: We purchase our materials mainly from local companies. More than 75 per cent of our raw materials are sourced from companies in the Hagen region. This ensures short transport distances and supports the local economy.