Customized chains and sprockets for high demands of automating high-performance conveyor and transfer systems

Variant diversity of the products to be manufactured, the integration of different manufacturing systems and digital networking are some of the trends on which the innovations in the field of automation technology are based. In the technical implementation of corresponding systems for increasingly complex production processes, precise conveyor and transfer systems for material and component transport play an important role. With chains, sprockets and chain guides individually designed for the respective application, we allow your processes to run efficiently and reliably. This way, you can fully exploit the potential of your automation solution.


Today, automation projects are usually aimed not only at increasing efficiency, but also at achieving greater flexibility in automated manufacturing processes. This involves, for example, the flexible changeover of product variants during ongoing production or the intelligent combination of different production steps in one system. It often results in special applications with specific requirements for the drive components needed, such as conveyor chains and sprockets.


Due to the high degree of customization of projects in the field of automation technology, we offer our customers tailor-made consulting services based on our comprehensive engineering expertise in order to achieve the goals set. If required, we manufacture special solutions thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, for example from special materials or with individually developed attachments or chain guides.

Especially for the requirements of automation technology, we offer customized special solutions such as AFS clips or customized sprockets and chain guides for accumulator and side bow chains.

In the field of automation technology, accumulator chains or side bow chains are often used. Our accumulator chain is also available in the maintenance-free Marathon version for demanding tasks in automated production processes. A heavy-duty and low-friction sintered bushing ensures high reliability in continuous use. In addition, operating temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius are possible. For areas with increased humidity or water exposure, the stainless steel version Marathon RF is recommended. For accumulator chains, we also offer customized sprockets and individual solutions for the chain guide as well as a variant of the accumulator chain with AFS clip as a supplement: This equipment and finger protection closes the gap between the conveyor rollers of the accumulator chain. This makes the conveying of piece goods reliable and safe.


Furthermore, hollow pin chains and top plate conveyor chains are used in automated processes. With their through holes on the chain pins, the hollow pin chains offer the best conditions for accommodating different attachments. If the hollow pin chain is used as a chain pair, the pre-stretching in pairs is carried out by us with high precision to ensure the lowest tolerances between the chain pairs. A frequently used extension of the hollow pin chain is the top plate conveyor chain for the transport of piece goods. With the top plate conveyor chain, carrier plates with pins are attached to the chain. Thanks to a crescent shape of the plate ends facing each other, it is possible to guide the carrier plates even around tight bending radii. The side bow chain, which has a design allowing lateral play of the links, can also be guided in curves.

The advantages of customized conveyor chains and sprockets for automation technology

  • Comprehensive product range of high-performance accumulator and side bow chains
  • Customized sprockets and chain guides
  • Hollow pin chains with customer-specific attachments
  • Top plate conveyor chains and accumulator chains with AFS clips for failure-free process automation
  • Maintenance-free Marathon versions for highest demands
  • Profound consulting services for automation projects