Introducing freedom from maintenance into the world of lifting systems with the Marathon rigid chain.

In the segment of maintenance-free high-performance chains, Wippermann has been setting benchmarks for decades. We achieve this through permanent new and further developments in terms of fatigue strength as well as wear, corrosion and temperature resistance. The rigid chain which was specially designed for the Marathon Lift uses these technologies in combination with the innovative shape of the outer plates to provide a new level of performance for hoisting applications.

Hoisting and conveying systems are often based on hydraulic, spindle, rack-and-pinion or chain drives. While hydraulic, spindle or rack-and-pinion drives require a lot of installation space as well as time and cost-intensive maintenance intervals, systems based on so-called rigid chains offer clear advantages.

As elements of linear drive systems, rigid chains combine two essential functions: PUSH and PULL

During the pushing movement, special chain links interlock and turn the flexible chain into a rigid unit that allows pushing or lifting heavy weights. During the reverse movement, the flexibility of the unloaded chain is used to roll it up in a chain box to save space.

As with all chain-based drive systems, the deflection causes friction and thus wear between the sprocket and the chain links. In addition, the U-shaped outer plates must be able to absorb the pressure forces that occur during the heavily loaded push phase.

In order for the rigid chain – as the core of the system – to be able to easily handle these loads and to carry out all movements with minimum wear, it must be exceptionally efficient.

This is exactly why the Marathon Lift is based on our proven high-end product, the Marathon chain. We are convinced: Only a company that can manufacture this chain is able to develop such a powerful system.

This way, we achieve our target for the Marathon Lift of more than a million movement cycles. Without maintenance intervals.

Marathon technology: uncompromising endurance

Our Marathon chains enjoy an excellent reputation in the field of industrial mechanical and plant engineering. For our maintenance-free high-performance chains, we use high-strength steels as well as environmentally friendly and functional coatings. Freedom of maintenance for our chain is achieved by combining a sintered bushing containing special lubricants and a pin with the strongest wear protection layer possible. The Marathon chain’s service life is up to 35 times longer than that of standard roller chains without lubrication. It stands for maximum performance and uncompromising endurance – also in our maintenance-free rigid chain system.


The U makes it unique

Special chains with complex add-on elements for comprehensive transport and conveyor applications have long been part of our product portfolio. Our extensive engineering expertise in this area enabled us to achieve a unique functionality and stability of the rigid chain thanks to the development of the outer plates in the shape of a U-profile.


Maximum stability and smooth lifting movement

During the lifting movement, the outer plates interlock and turn the flexible chain into a stable, rigid outer column which ensures maximum vertical stability by transmitting the pressure forces. The support and guide rollers, which are alternately positioned outside the plates, interlock precisely with the specially geared sprockets and thus enable a fast and smooth movement even under heavy loads.


The Marathon Lift for your application

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