Technological innovation. For environmental protection.

The future. Nothing less is at stake when we talk about technology as innovations also help to protect the environment. Be it through the use of less harmful materials, the saving of resources, or through solutions that make the energy transition possible. This is what we are striving for every day with all our innovative strength.


Our products have the advantage that the steel they are made of can be fully recycled. Thanks to our engineering expertise, we have developed, among other things, maintenance-free and high-performance chains with special bushings that eliminate the need for re-lubrication of the chain: the Marathon chains. This saves lubricants. A development entirely in line with the specific sustainability approach of our product engineering.

We are particularly pleased when our innovations help to advance the energy transition and reduce emissions. With our Connex bike brand we have always been producing and selling high-quality bicycle chains. In recent years, we have seen an upsurge of e-bikes, contributing to reduced car usage for short trips, especially in urban areas and thereby reducing local emissions. In this market, we supply, among other things, high-quality e-bike chains as OEM to manufacturers as well as to specialist retailers as spare parts for the aftermarket. A special project for us in this context is supplying the chains for the powerful yet compact Ono e-cargo bike developed by the Berlin tech company Onomotion, which is used for the last mile in the rough everyday delivery business.