Special sprockets and patented deflection for the perfect interaction with the rigid chain

The special sprockets which were explicitly designed for the rigid chain deployed in the Marathon Lift get the system moving. The special gearing interlocks perfectly with the rigid chain thus minimising wear of the loaded components. A patented deflection ensures smooth and even movement.

Efficient drive systems are the result of the perfect synchronisation of the interaction of all components. Our goal has always been to fulfil all requirements even if they seem to contradict each other. With the Marathon Lift, we managed to transfer the energy required for the lifting movement via the sprocket to the chain only after the deflection of the passive part of the rigid chain.


The users of the Marathon Lift benefit directly from decades of continuous research and development in the realisation of complex drive and conveyor systems. Our extensive know-how in the field of materials and coating as well as friction and wear calculations went into the special design of the chain-sprocket system of our rigid chain drive system.

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