Our understanding of fairness: Decent, honest and fair in dealings

The following applies to our dealings with both internal and external claimants: We treat everyone with respect and fairness. Accordingly, all our business practices are characterised by honesty. We are committed to fair and free competition.


For us, being fair in our dealings means acting decently, honestly and justly. This attitude is at the heart of all our interactions, whether internally with employees or externally with business partners. Above all, this means meeting people at eye level and taking their concerns seriously. We want to live up to this, especially in difficult situations or times.

We strive to build long-term and trusting business relationships with our partners. This requires openness, honesty and reliability. Our business decisions are always made with the long-term benefits for all parties in mind to ensure sustainable and successful cooperation.

Just as we are committed to the fair treatment of our employees, we expect our suppliers to treat their employees fairly. We expect human rights and ethical standards to be respected. If we become aware of a human rights violation by a supplier, we will consider terminating the business relationship depending on the severity of the violation.

Committed to Free and Fair Competition

We believe that free competition has a positive impact on the market and that our products and services are convincing. Therefore, we comply with applicable laws and regulations to promote a transparent and fair market. We have a zero-tolerance policy for price-fixing, cartelisation and corruption, and we have obliged our employees to report any signs of external or internal violations immediately.