The Marathon Lift is the versatile hoisting and conveying system for almost every industry.

Whether industrial manufacturing, storage and logistics, dynamic applications in buildings such as vehicle lift systems or stage construction – the Marathon Lift is designed for the specific requirements of a wide range of industries. Its freedom of maintenance, in combination with different size and power variants, makes it a technically and economically convincing drive solution for every application scenario.


Thanks to our competence in the segment of maintenance-free industrial chains and sprockets we have been a valued and respected partner in mechanical and plant engineering for many decades and are very familiar with the specific requirements of our customers. Based on this extensive knowledge we have developed our Marathon Lift models to offer powerful and economical alternatives to pneumatically or hydraulically driven lifting systems or spindle or rack and pinion drives in the field of lifting and movement systems.

The broad range of applications is unparalleled. The compelling performance data and the patented drive technology make the Marathon Lift the first choice for many industries and applications with high requirements regarding reliability Thanks to the Marathon Lift, the system is maintenance-free and therefore ready to use at any time – even under continuously high loads with over a million movements without maintenance interruptions.

But the Marathon Lift is also convincing from an ecological point of view. The energy-efficient system does not require the operating material needed for hydraulic systems or the complex lubrication systems for comparable chains systems. In addition, rigid chains operate with considerably lower energy consumption than hydraulic systems.

The compact design facilitates the integration of the Marathon Lift wherever installation space is limited. In this way, high performance requirements and wear resistance can be combined with difficult spatial parameters. For conditions that are not only found in complex machine and plant construction projects.

The Marathon Lift is available in two sizes. The high-performance model ML 2000 allows the precise and jerk-free lifting of loads of up to 2.0 tonnes to a height of 2 metres in just 10 seconds. The construction height of the system is 370 millimetres.

For applications with a load capacity of up to 1.0 tonnes, we offer the Marathon Lift ML1000 – a particularly compact model. Thanks to a total height of just 200 millimetres, the system can be integrated even in very tight installation spaces. The lifting height is 1 metre. Perfect for use in driverless transport systems.

Industrial applications

In complex manufacturing and assembly processes such as in the automotive industry, or in the processing industry, the Marathon Lift features manifold application options:

  • Feeding of material
  • Tool change in punching machines and presses
  • Scissor lifts
  • Feeding of workpieces into hardening ovens
  • Cooling systems
  • Positioning systems

Delivery and shipping logistics                 

The growing freight transport demands flexible loading and unloading systems. Users are, for example, forwarding agencies, airports and companies with their own warehouse logistics as well as fulfilment providers. Potential fields of application for the Marathon Lift:

  • Container handling systems
  • Conveying systems
  • Goods lifts


In addition to transport, intralogistics is another potential area of application to optimise flows of goods within closed systems. This is where the compact Marathon Lift is used as a lifting system in floor conveyors. It makes the ML1000 suitable for a wide range of driverless transport systems:


  • Undercarriage tractor
  • Platform vehicles
  • Trolley transport
  • Rolling workbench / assembly platform

Building services engineering and architecture

In inner-city areas, space is scarce and expensive. This makes solutions for space-saving parking all the more important, for example, in underground garages where vehicles have to be moved across several floors. The Marathon Lift allows the realisation of further applications:

  • Vehicle lifts
  • Goods lifts
  • Movable facade elements

Stage and event technology

For the event management industry, a flexible adaptation of the stage is part of everyday life. Movable elements play an important part. In concert and event halls, the Marathon Lift helps to bring everything into the right position.

  • Dynamic seating elements
  • Movable stage and platform elements
  • Platforms for structures and technical equipment

The Marathon Lift for your application

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