Marathon Lift: The maintenance-free rigid chain system for various hoisting and conveyor applications

Whether deployed in industrial manufacturing processes, car lift systems, scissor lifts, dynamic stages or goods lifts – the double-patented, maintenance-free lifting system, which is available in various sizes and load capacities, ensures precise and smooth moving of goods and is a powerful and economical alternative to conventional hydraulic, chain, spindle or rack-and-pinion driven hoisting solutions.


Work processes without cost-intensive downtimes are of major importance for highly efficient industrial manufacturing. Therefore, our rigid chain which was specifically developed for the Marathon Lift is based on our proven Marathon technology for maintenance-free chains.

Two patented components of our compact lifting system ensure maximum efficiency and economy in many industries and ranges of application: The rigid chain with an innovative U-profile of the outer plates turns the flexible chain into a highly stable outer column during the push or pull phase. And the patented deflection system which enables chain feeding from the space-saving chain box.

Together with the specifically adapted gearing of the special sprockets, the compact lifting system allows precise and jerk-free movements without downtimes caused by cost-intensive maintenance intervals. Up to more than 1 million moving cycles.

Thus the Marathon Lift ensures the reliable and economical transport of all goods such as building components, containers, cars or machines, or of people. Perfectly matched to weight, height and speed depending on the desired application. In vertical or horizontal direction.

Discover the various applications of the Marathon Lift