Highly resistant and hygiene-compliant: High-performance chains for conveyor systems in the beverage industry with FDA approval

The beverage industry demands a high degree of flexibility: Increasingly broad product ranges are in conflict with high turnover rates with seasonal peaks. Efficient processes are essential, as is an efficient and resilient internal logistics system. Reliable drive and conveyor chains such as the high-performance Biathlon KS, Marathon RF or Triathlon KS chains contribute significantly to the availability of conveyor systems. All models are extremely wear-resistant, offer an exceptionally long service life and are ideally suited for the beverage industry due to their high resistance to water and chemicals.


Compliance with high hygiene standards is essential in the beverage industry. Drive and conveyor systems require chains that are highly resistant in terms of water exposure and contact with chemical cleaning agents. Our high-performance Biathlon KS, Marathon RF and Triathlon KS chains offer you corrosion-resistant chain solutions that have significant advantages depending on the version: The special TRIGLEIT polymer bearing in the Triathlon KS and Marathon RF chain provides excellent resistance to chemicals, vapors and high temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. Chains with TRIGLEIT polymer bearings are also available with FDA approval for direct food contact.


This means maximum safety for your application – even in case of intensive cleaning processes to maintain the required level of hygiene. In addition, Marathon RF and Triathlon KS chains can be used completely lubricant-free, even in areas with constant water contact, thanks to the polymer plain bearings. Environmentally friendly corrosion protection at the highest level (Triathlon KS) and the combination of stainless steels (Marathon RF) also ensure that our chains have a remarkable long service life. With our high-performance chains, you will be able to create smooth and safe conveying processes.

The advantages of high-performance conveyor and transport chains for the beverage industry:

  • Comprehensive product range of high-performance drive and conveyor chains
  • High-tech corrosion protection for a long service life
  • Optimal dry-running properties in case of lack of lubrication
  • Highest hygiene standards and FDA approval for applications where lubricants are not permitted
  • Profound consulting services for maximum reliability and operational safety