Our concept for targeted waste avoidance

In addition to saving energy and using the greenest possible energy mix, as well as saving on operating materials, waste avoidance is one of the central components of environmental protection at Wippermann. If the production of waste cannot be avoided completely, we recycle it as far as possible.

In an industrial company, waste is generated in many areas and in various forms and quantities. Our aim is to minimise the generation of waste. A typical example is the packaging we use for our products. We use special paper boxes for our chains that, despite the chain lubrication, do not require an inner lining or additional outer packaging. Such approaches with innovative ideas, are our focus.

If complete elimination is not possible, we try to work as efficiently as possible. One example is our optimised oil consumption in the punching process (link 3.2 Saving Operating Material). In addition, we have optimised the utilisation of surface area in the punching process through a sophisticated calculation method to minimise waste. The remaining waste is reused, which is our third approach. This also applies to wooden pallets and reels: We return both to our suppliers for reuse. Pallets or reels will only be returned to the wood product recycling system once they are no longer usable due to damage. Our strategic approach to avoiding waste therefore ranges from total prevention to recycling.