State-of-the-art fibre laser cutting technology: customer-specific, cost-effective and fast – from the first component

With a high-performance solid-state laser, Wippermann offers new options for the fast and cost-effective production of prototypes and special parts. Furthermore, the tool-independent procedure ensures high flexibility for the complex geometries of the components to be manufactured.

The development of special parts and chains according to customer-specific requirements has always been one of the core competences of Wippermann. The integration of a high-performance solid-state laser into our production planning allows for a particularly flexible and at the same time highly precise manufacture.

The laser cutting technology facilitates an accurate cutting of complex geometries while meeting the highest requirements regarding the cutting edge. In combination with our broad range of materials, we achieve an exceptionally high level of flexibility and many degrees of freedom, thus offering a real added value to our customers.

Precise process control with customer-specific parameters as well as a laser performance controlled in real time guarantee maximum reproducibility from prototype to serial production. Thus, the use of the laser cutting technology is a vital element in Wippermann’s “Made in Germany”-strategy, which combines flexibility, responsiveness and unparalleled quality.


The benefits of the laser cutting technology at a glance:

  • Cost-effective manufacture from prototype to small batches with highest precision
  • Quick and flexible thanks to tool-independent manufacturing processes
  • Precise cutting of complex geometries while meeting the highest requirements concerning the cutting edge
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Just-in-time manufacture of special attachments and plates
  • Joint development of customised special parts according to customer specifications

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