Wippermann AFS clips: for optimal equipment and finger protection

Due to its special design, there is a conveyor roller at every other pitch of an accumulator chain. It is required for the transport of the material to be conveyed and ensures a safe accumulation of the goods without damaging them.


The chain link joint between the conveyor rollers forms a larger gap into which small parts such as screws, washers and chips or similar particulate materials can enter and then damage the chain or the entire system. Depending on the respective application area, there is also the danger of employees’ reaching into these gaps with their fingers when working on assembly and conveyor lines, which might cause injuries.

Simple retrofitting of AFS clips

Due to the flat design of the AFS clip the gap between the conveyor rollers is completely closed. Hence equipment and finger protection is considerably increased. The two-piece clip is mounted by simply snapping it onto the chain bushing of the inner link. Owing to its innovative hinge system it also covers the danger zone in the deflection range of the chain. Therefore it also allows for both-way deflections e. g. with omega drives.

The wear-resistant AFS clips ensure a trouble free operation of conveyance and assembly systems and contribute considerably to operational safety according to valid machinery directives.

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