Request for the design of tool magazine chains

Product information

Tool holding attachments

Chain type 320 nominal pitch Pmin. = 95mm;
Chain type 340 nominal pitch Pmin. = 120mm up to 175mm (other pitches and sizes on request)

Tool Information

Tool axis arrangement (in tool holder)

Tool holder arrangement

For tools with larger diameters (e.g. milling heads) it is advantageous to choose a shorter chain pitch and only use every second or third tool pot since this will increase the smoothness of the chain drive.

Distance with empty pots: T =

x p

Pick-up position of gripper

Angular position of tools in chain

Information on sprockets

in Teeth

Bore Ø

Groove according to DIN 6885 Bl.1

ATC chain arrangement (Number of sprockets / deflection)

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